Mountain Manners


 Campcode of Conduct

  • Do not go into the tent with shoes.
  • Do not throw waste papers, wrappers on other rubbish around or near the camp. Throw it in the waste-pits.
  • Do not burn candles in the tents.
  • Do not make noise and disturb others at night.
  • Wash your mugs and plates immediately after your meals.
  • Do not pollute the water of the streams and the rivers as it is used by people downstream for their daily needs.
  • Do not walk over crops, fell trees and spoil new plantations.
  • Do not spoil local monuments, temples, and caves. Respect local customs and social systems.
  • Do not litter any wrappers or spoil the trails in any way. In case you find any wrappers, plastic bags or anything left by trekkers on the way, please carry the same with you for deposit at the base camp.
  • Leave the campsite clean for the next team.

Walking Manners

  • Don’t walk too fast to carry the weight (of a rucksack) from one camp to another; you are here to enjoy the scenic beauty of the mountains.
  • Walk with a steady pace, set rhythm of your strides with your breathing. If you want to hurry a little, increase stride and not the pace.
  • While walking, keep your foot in full contact with the ground and not just the toes.
  • Do not swing your arms widely.
  • On steep slopes, bend forward to take the weight on the back.
  • Be careful while walking on pine needles, wet grass, wet roots, which are slippery. Frozen water on the slopes, rocky patches and stones on the banks of the rivers and streams should be negotiated carefully.
  • Avoid loose stones.
  • Avoid crossing and overtaking on narrow paths. Don’t block the path while resting.
  • Halts should be utilised not only to relax but also to readjust the loads, tie shoes etc. halts should not be frequent. Too many halts destroy the rhythm of a walk, make you more tired and waste time.
  • During heavy rain or storm, find a shelter- a cave, a projected rock, a dhaba or a hut. But don’t stop if it’s raining lightly.
  • On your route, you may encounter flocks of sheep or cow’s or mules crossing your path or even vehicles. In such a case, keep to the mountain side and not the side and not the side facing the valley.
  • Always drink water springs, and before drinking filter it with your clean handkerchief. Never drink too much water, it might give you cramps.
  • Consume liquids as much as you can, (tea, coffee, lemon juice, soups etc.) instead of drinking  water.

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