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I. Our Trek Crew Comprises

(a) Sr. Trip Leader: He is the chief of the trek crew with basic English speaking ability. He is the most responsible person from every point of view for the successful operation of the trekking group. Every evening he briefs the group about the next days programme and organise camp fire cum traditional cultural programme wherever possible. As the trekking is in progress, he decides the most suitable camping sites.

(b) Cook: He is the incharge of the Kitchen, very experienced cook. He is responsible from buying the provision for trek to cooking the various dishes for the group supported by 2-3 assistant depending upon the size of the group.

(c) Local Guide: They are assistants to Sr. Trip Leader who also knows the routes and trials of the trek backed by workable English language. They take care of the client’s safety and comfort. They help mount and dismount tents and help clients cross river, bridges and steep climb etc.

(d) Porters / Pony men: He will carry the trekking goods and equipment throughout the trek. They take care of their food and camping themselves. They always remain under the supervision of the guides.


Our agency is environmentally very conscious. We do not use firewood generally on our trek. All non biodegradable items are brought back to the township for disposal at the dumping grounds. Our people respect the cultural heritage of our countries.


Xerox copy of Passport and Visa details along with Government royalty fee (if any) at least 30 days in advance.


Every trekking day starts with a wake up call by the kitchen boy from tent to tent by leaving a bucket of water hot/cold for wash ups. Morning tea/coffee as per the clients wish will be served. After a while breakfast will be served. At the same time the guides starts dismounting the tents and porters start packing up.

The trek usually starts everyday after breakfast at around 7.00 am. Mostly the Sr. Trip Leader will be leading the group in case of a big group, guides accompany the scattered group members supporting even from the backside of the caravan. Every client is free to walk at his/her own speed. Speed is not a problem. Even a delay of 2-3 hrs to the camping sites is usually for some slow walkers. But guides are always with them for necessary support. There is no hurry in the trek, leisurely walk is the feature of trekking in Indian Himalayas looking around the country side and taking photographs etc.

By the time, it is mid day, on reaching the camp site our kitchen comes up ready to serve hot lunch by the cooking team who usually arrives before the rest of the group OR packed lunch where ever not possible. The break for lunch last for one hour and we start for afternoon trek usually shorter than morning. The moment the group starts arriving at the camping site usually fixed in the outskirt of the villages, the cooking team start preparing tea/coffee, by the time tea/coffee is served with snacks like biscuit and cookies, the guide with help of the porters start mounting the tents etc. Under the guidance of the cook the kitchen staff start cooking dinner – the major meal of the day which will be served at around 7.00 p.m.

After dinner a camp fire cum traditional cultural programme wherever possible and discussing the next days journey with Sr. Trip Leader with some feedback from the clients. As trekking is undoubtedly a team work, day to day discussion help ensure full co-ordination between the guests and the crew so as to make the trek a most enjoyable and memorable one.

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