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We recommend that the best type of luggage on trek is a good sized, strong, cylindrical soft bag with a top-length zip. A duffel or soft canvas bag should be used. Crushable or fragile items in the bag are prone to damage if not well-padded with clothes.  In addition you will require a day-pack and an additional bag for things that you may wish to leave back. 

Clothing & Tips   

While having the right kit with you for a trek is important, high-tech kit is not essential. Our treks provide porters who will carry personal belonging but it is an idea to have a day-pack for essentials such as a water bottle, torch, gloves, hat, sun cream etc. Bring plenty of sun screen and never underestimate the power of the sun at high altitude.

What to Leave Back in Hotel?

Basically, leave whatever “smart” clothes (if any) you have brought for evening and city day wear. Bags can be left in the safe-keeping of your hotel whilst on trek. Do not leave valuables in your left luggage. Arrange with the manager for them to be deposited in the hotel safe.

What to Wear On Trek?

You must anticipate your daily clothing requirements at the beginning of each day. Mornings and late afternoons are chilly / cool in the mountains, so you will start the day’s walk warmly clad and proceed to shed clothes as the sun’s heat increases. For example, you may start the day in trousers and pullover but by midday shorts and a light shirt will do. This is where the day pack comes in handy.

Once you have packed your duffel bag in the morning, you will not see it until the next campsite is reached in the late afternoon. 

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