Adventure Trekking Camp in DHARAMSHALA

The Camp & Set Up

The Camp & Set Up

The trekking camp is situated at the top end of the Salli village near Dharamsala, Himachal Pradesh, on the road leading to Kareri village & further trek route to Kareri Lake. The road will soon be connecting to Ghera and Naddi villages of Dharamshala in the Dhauladhar Mountains. The view from the camp is panoramic. It offers sweeping view of the Khauli valley and the river with snow clad mountains to the north, spell binding sights of sunset towards the Khanol village to the west and spectacular sight of the huge reservoirs of Pong & Ranjit Sagar to the south. It is a haven for enthusiasts of adventure activities & trekkers as there are myriad trekking routes leading up to glaciers & nine Himalayan lakes, the famous ones being Kareri lake, Lamdal lake & Druni Lake.

The camp resort near Mcleodganj & Dharamsala has 25 accommodation tents with all amenities for an adventure enthusiast. The imported waterproof dome tents are unique having very comfortable camping cots with pillows and blankets. One can walk into it as tents have clear 7ft clear height. The tents are large enough for a family of four also. All tents have electricity with charging points, so as to charge the cameras for the next day to capture those beautiful life time images.   

Toilets & bathing tents are neat, clean and modern in a separate area keeping in mind the environment. We take pride in saving water, recycling whatever we can. Our towels are washed in cold water to launder as it takes a lot of energy to heat up water — multiply that by the number of loads, and that's a big footprint.


The dining area is a large 30 ft x 20 ft tent where all our meals are served in buffet style. We use as much organic food as we can. We use ingredients and food that is grown in an eco-friendly way and locally grown so that is does not have a large carbon footprint because of the distance the ration has to travel to get here. All food is cooked fresh. We take pride in our fresh ovens / tandoors where fresh bread is baked in the form of roti’s naan, paranthas etc. North Indian, street food snacks, South Indian, Tibetan and Chinese cuisines form a part of our menu.



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