Adventure Trekking Camp in DHARAMSHALA

Eco Responsible Tourism



Set in the beautiful Dhauladhar Himalayan range, the destination offer a flavor of Adventure, Buddhist & Himachali Cultures, Dalai Lama, Tea Gardens, Historic Forts & Palaces, Wellness attractions (yoga, reflexology, ayurveda), Art Museums, monasteries, astrological centers, wetlands and bird sanctuaries, 10th century A.D rock cut ancient temples and many more.


Since the start, through his vision, the main objectives have been very strongly supported by:

  • The principles of protecting the environment, flora, fauna, landscapes
  • Respecting the local cultures, traditions, religions and heritage
  • Benefiting the local communities – both economically and socially
  • Conserving natural resources – from office to destinations
  • Minimizing pollution – from waste disposal and congestion


We promote local leadership, provide excellent working conditions for our staff and porters on adventure trips and share a close relationship with them. In Uttaranchal, Ladakh, Sikkim and Himachal, we are very well known in so many tiny hamlets due to our regular visits with our clients. We recognize that tourism can be a real help to the local communities providing income, positive cultural exchanges and financial incentive to protect the natural environment. We stress upon – that your holiday is someone else’s home and leave nothing but footprints. Your activities should contribute to the conservation, well being and everlasting pleasures for the future generation.

Promoting the principles of responsible tourism, Snow Monk Camp offers various ongoing workshops in community service & creativity such as:-

  • Waste to Wealth – Creating handicrafts & Fuel bricks from Pine Needles/ creating Bio Gas tanks
  • Waste Management & Sanitation – Creation of Vermi Compost, Soak pits & garbage pits
  • Health – Free Medical checkup Camps, Blood donation camps
  • Computer – Fund being built up for donating one computer at the Local school
  • Library – Donating books and creating a library at the local school
  • Sports – Creating sporting opportunities in schools such as volleyball courts, cricket equipment etc
  • Environment – Plantation activities
  • Education – Awareness on HIV/ AIDS
  • Livelihood – Workshops on knitting creating handicrafts
  • Farming – Crops, Fruit trees, Mushroom
  • Culture – Exchange programs with the local schools, Dance & singing programs
  • Festivals – Celebrating festivals so as to protect the dying cultures
  • Heritage – Protecting old dying techniques such as weaving wool from sheep


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